Eddie Steamship operates part of the ships in our fleet directly trading the ships either on long term contracts of affreightment (COA) or on the spot market. Our Chartering team has many years of experience on the international bulk chartering market  with a wide network of contacts in Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York.  We also have a post fixture team that ensures that the performance of the fixtures are carried out smoothly and facilitating cooperation and coordination between the owners, crew and the charterers.
Another portion of our fleet is fixed long term to reliable charterers to generate a stable income for the company, with some of the charterers being end users with stable cargo sources.  In 2020 Eddie Steamship formed a joint venture company, Shandong Shipping Asset Management Corp. incorporated in Hong Kong, with Shandong Shipping Co. of the Shandong Provincial Government to transport some the the minerals required by this highly industrialized province in north China. This joint venture company in turn has become the charterers of several of the vessels we own.

Over the decades, our fleet has expanded and contracted in relations with the requirements of our charterers.  As we often tell our charterers, if you have a stable cargo requirement, we can always rise to meet your needs.
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